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A New Experience
Published On: January 23, 2005
Written By: Laurie
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A girlfriend of mine, Julie, was a good friend and we would hang out once in a while to go out to clubs and do some shopping and basically look for men. We had been friends for a couple years (I had met her through another friend of mine as well at a party she had one summer). I started hanging out with Julie more because she was single (like I am) and she didn’t have any kids yet so we were both looking to go party and go out to clubs and things like that. Our other friends were mostly married and didn’t have a lot of time to do fun stuff.

One time, she was planning on going back to her home town near Seattle and visit her family where she grew up, and she was going to stay there a couple weeks. She lived by herself in her apartment and she a 2 cats that needed to be taken care of. She asked me to feed them twice a day so I said sure, I would be happy to look after them and water her plants as well. She said to go ahead and sleep over in her bed since her apartment was close to my work, and I had to feed the cats early before work anyway.

A couple days after I started sleeping over, I noticed some laundry and clean up that needed to be done, so I was gathering up some dirty clothes to do a wash. I don’t know why, but I realized I hadn’t ever really handled underwear and stuff that was another girl's, other than my own (I have 2 brothers but no sisters). I was about to throw everything in the washer, but before I did, I reached down and picked up a pair of her silk panties and smelled them. Don’t ask me why, I still don’t know why I did that. I am not a lesbian, or ever really thought about girls in a sexual way, but I sniffed her panties right in the crotch area. The smell of her private area totally turned me on, and I just kept on smelling them. Then I stuck my tongue out and tasted them as well, and I started feeling my nipples get really hard. My nipples were poking through my t shirt I was wearing like pencil erasers.

The crotch area on the panties was dirty and you could tell she was excited at some point while she was wearing these, and they smelled really good. It was kind of a sweet, musky smell. The more I sniffed, the more wet I got, and so I laid down on the bed and started rubbing myself and my clit while I was smelling her panties. It was so weird, but such a rush at the same time. I started doing this just about every day I stayed over at her place, and she had several pairs that were dirty so I was masturbating a couple times a day to different underwear she had used. I felt so bad, kind of guilty, but for some reason it totally turned me on too.

I was even there on the last day that she was supposed to be gone (she was driving home later that day) and I almost got caught masturbating to them when she came home, because she showed up a few hours earlier than I thought she would be. Something else happened too. That day, I not only smelled the part of the crotch where her pussy was, but for some reason, I smelled the lower part of the panties at the bottom, literally where her asshole was. There was a slight brown streak on these, so I could faintly smell her ass, and those really turned me on! I could not believe I was getting wet from smelling my friends asshole. The smell just made me want to cum. Anyway, I almost got caught and I quickly threw the panties into the hamper and greeted her at the door. I must have looked totally blush with a red face or something. She gave me a strange look but she told me about her trip, then I left for home.

After that, all I could think about was smelling her panties, and I wanted to do it again and have the great orgasms I had when I masturbated to them. The next weekend, we were supposed to go out and go clubbing and dancing, so I was going to meet her over at her apartment and go from there. When I got there, Julie had just arrived home from work, and she was eating dinner.

"Mind if I hop in the shower real quick?" she asked me. "No, go ahead, that’s fine." I said, and I just watched tv while I waited for her.

When she was in the shower, I started to think about it. I totally wanted to smell her underwear again and get turned on! I told myself I would not do it any more, but then about 10 minutes went by and I kept thinking about it. Slowly, I got up from the couch and walked into her bedroom. My heart was racing, and I almost chickened out, but I kept going. I walked into her closet that was in her bedroom, and I saw a bunch of dirty clothes in her hamper. I was literally shaking with the thought of smelling her pussy stains and the smell of her ass, especially with her in the house. The bathroom was down the hallway, so I was pretty safe as long as she was in the shower. I picked up a pair, and I started smelling her dirty panties, and I reached down to my clit and started rubbing it really fast, it felt sooo good, but I was really nervous too. My eyes were closed and I was sitting back on her bed, and I had a couple fingers inside my pussy and my jeans were unbuttoned.

I was getting off really hard and the smell of her used panties was so good, I just literally had my nose buried in the stains of her asshole, I even licked her panties too and they tasted so juicy and good. The shower was still running so I was safe in her room for now. My hand was moving really fast as I was rubbing away at my wet pussy and I had my eyes closed, I was just inhaling the sweet pussy smell and the smell of her ass. It felt so good to get to do this again, I had been thinking about it for days, and was almost about to start to cum. My clit was throbbing, my nipples were hard, and my wet fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy really fast, and I was rubbing her panties right on my nose and smelling them.

"Do........do.........you like to smell my pussy?" was the voice I heard just then.

I opened my eyes, and I saw Julie standing there with a towel around her body, as she was looking for her conditioner that she left in her gym bag that was in her bedroom. The shower was still running so I had no idea that she even walked in the room!

"I.....I....guess so...." was about the only thing I remember saying and mumbling. I was totally caught, my hand was frozen inside of my unbuttoned pants, and I still had her panties up against my nose when she asked me. OMG, I didn’t know what to do. I was completely frozen. Here was my friend, she takes a shower, and walks into her bedroom and finds her friend with her used panties up against her face with her eyes closed. She was completely surprised to find me there masturbating.

The look on her face was something I will never forget. I think she was shocked, and surprised, and disgusted, and kind of angry, and interested and inquisitive all at the same time. She started walking slowly towards me and reached out and was about to grab her panties, (I was still literally in shock and they were up close to my face still) and she realized that I was not even smelling the part that her pussy would rub up against. She pulled that part aside, and looked at the part of her underwear that was up against my nose, and as I stayed there motionless, she realized I was smelling the slight brown streak her asshole made on her panties. I don’t think it is possible to be more embarrassed than that. I just didn’t even know what to do. I was in shock, I didn’t know how she was going to react next, but I figured she would be really upset and just start calling me a weirdo freak or something.

She was holding the panties in her hand and just looking at them, and it seemed like it was silent for minutes before either one of use spoke (it was probably just a few seconds of disbelief from her). Then she said something that I will never forget. The look on her face sort of changed from shock to innocence and question, and she just looked down at me for a few moments. I was looking at her but I was almost about to just get up and run out the door and apologize really quick. I figured our friendship was over and I had really ruined her trust and everything. I felt terrible. Then she said something. It seemed like it took her an hour just to say a few words. She struggled to get them out as she spoke. Then she finally said it....

"Well.......do you......want to.....smell the real thing?" She had this look on her face of almost pleasure, and she sort of dropped her head in embarrassment for asking me that.

I was now in total shock. It was like a weird dream. I literally could not even think, and even if I had wanted to leave, it would have been really strange to just get up and go.

I just looked at her and said, ".....umm.....sure....Julie...." and I smiled at her. As soon as I said that, she turned around slowly and cautiously, and she slowly unwrapped her towel that was around her body. She is very pretty and has a great body as well. She almost seemed too embarrassed to do this but she kept on going. Her back was facing me, and she unwrapped her towel and let it fall to the floor, and she was just standing there naked, then she bent down in front of her with her legs still straight, until her hands were touching the floor, and she sort of spread her legs apart a little. I could not believe what was happening.

I was sitting on the bed, with my hand still inside my pants and my friend Julie’s ass was about 6 inches from my face. She didn’t say anything, but she slowly started to move backwards towards me, until her asshole was right in front of my mouth. Without thinking anything else, I moved my face closer to her ass, and I put my nose right in her ass crack. I started smelling her ass and I started taking these big deep breaths and she seemed to be really enjoying it. She then spread her legs a little wider for me too, and I could see her shaved pussy, it had a strip of hair on it just above the start of her pussy for about 2 inches. It was the same way I shave mine. I opened my mouth and put my tongue right on her asshole and started licking it. I rubbed my tongue up and down her pussy, and I started masturbating again, and really started rubbing my clit really hard.

God, it felt so good to do this, I still couldn’t believe what I was doing. Julie was just standing there and moaning slightly, and she would let out kind of a "mmmmm....uhhh....mmm" when I started to put my tongue inside of her pussy and ass. She was loving it. She reached up and started rubbing her clit and moaning louder. I put both my hands on her ass cheeks and literally spread her ass apart and buried my face in her ass cheeks, and I rubbed my mouth and my nose up and down her wet pussy and her asshole. I was making a point with my tongue and ramming my tongue into her asshole too, I did that for a long time and she almost same just from that. We did that for what seemed like an hour, I think we were both embarrassed to even look at each other in the eyes too, but I just kept on licking her ass and sucking her wet pussy. I was rubbing myself really fast, and had an orgasm and she finally fell over on the bed and was shaking too. We got up and didn’t know what to say, it was pretty strange, but it happened a few more times before she got another job and moved away later on. It was an amazing experience though.

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